Uniquely Cakes has a very unique, moisture-rich flavor!

I had a huge wedding, so the cake has to be right! Not only did I order 1 cake, but 2
cakes! Both were, perfect, just as described and mouth watering! Moist, delicious and
stunning! The process and communication was easy and the cakes were delivered with
professionalism and timely. I loved her cakes so much, I hired her to do my birthday
cake as well as another wedding cake for a family member! Highly recommend!!!!

- Kathleen August 2015

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Only one word describes Uniquely Cakes WOW!
My wife and I had the pleasure of using Rochelle for our wedding on July 5, 2015. Most
companies in Salem and surrounding areas even as far as Portland have the nerve to charge
thousands for a cake. Uniquely Cakes stands alone on their pricing which sets them apart
from the rest. The quality and uniqueness is Superior, never have I tasted such a moist
delicious cake, and I have tasted tons over the years. My wife and I will continue to
use Rochelle for any and all cake needs in the years to come.

Thank you Rochelle for making our wedding spectacular.

- Jake & Scarlett July 2015

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I can't say enough good about Uniquely Cakes and working with Rochelle. When my daughter
was getting married, we went and sampled her moist and delicious cakes and looked through
albums filled with confectionery, cake creations, and were blown away. Not only are the
cakes the best we'd ever tasted, (especially for wedding cakes) but her presentation,
creativity and attention to detail made our daughter's wedding cake something the
family and guests still talk about fondly.

Some years later, my husband asked me to marry him all over again and I said, "Yes!" :-)
The first thing he said after I accepted was, "Do you think we can get Rochelle to make our
cake?" And Rochelle said, "Yes!" :-) And we had the amazing wedding we never had 28 years
earlier, and the celebration we'd always dreamed of on our anniversary. And central to that
wonderful experience was the absolutely beautiful and delicious cake Rochelle prepared for us.
She gave us wonderful care and attention and I could not be happier having her do our cake.
She only does wedding cakes...That's the only way to enjoy her cakes. Sometimes I wonder if
my husband just asked me to marry him all over again, just to have more of Rochelle's amazing
cake made with her own homemade butter, and fillings!!! LOL

Uniquely Cakes is hands down the best wedding cake I've ever had. "me so happy I saw her van
with her "Uniquely Cakes" sign drive by me one day, shortly after my daughter was engaged and
I said, "Write that number down!" Call Rochelle and make your special day stand apart with a
Uniquely Cakes cake.

- Nannette

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Delicious, moist, beautiful made to order cake! Rochelle had me look through her cake
photo album to see if any of the cakes were what I was looking for? I not only found one,
but found at least three (3). She suggested taking bits and pieces from each cake to come
up with the design. I valued her professional opinion and did as she recommended. The
cake turned out beautiful, exactly as ordered. There were no worries on wedding day as
she delivered and set up the cake timely as promised. I would definitely recommend
Rochelle to anyone that needs a exceptionally moist tasty cake for not only a wedding
but other special occasions.

- Wendy

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When planning my wedding, I sampled all the cakes at the Salem Bridal Show and
Uniquely Cakes was my absolute favorite. In addition to being gorgeous works of
art, Rochelle's cakes are DELICIOUS! My husband normally doesn't like cake but he
loved hers because they are so moist and flavorful. Rochelle let us help design
exactly what we wanted for our wedding cake and was friendly and easy to work with.
When we hit our five year anniversary, we had her bake a cake similar to our top
tier cake for our wedding. What a treat! This year will be our tenth year and we're
thinking of ordering another delicious cake!

- Lori and Isacc

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We ended up getting a cake that served approximately 20% more people than we had at the
wedding and even with that the cake was completely gone within 20 minutes (my husband
didn't even get a piece and I suspect he wasn't the only one). In contrast, we had a
groom's cake from a different vendor which still had pieces leftover at the end of the
night. We had lots of people come up and say how delicious all of the flavors were
(red velvet/chocolate truffle, champagne/champagne cream, pumpkin/whipped cream). I'd
highly recommend. We did a destination wedding in Oregon wine country, but we plan to
visit and get a cake the next time we're in the area just to eat through the week.

- Chelsea

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I just wanted to thank you for the AMAZING cake you made for our wedding! It was delicious!
We did the cake cutting right away to make sure it didn't melt since it was so hot! :)
I received many compliments on how the cake tasted and looked. You are awesome!

- Jad and Melissa Limcaco
      August, 2015

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I want to thank you for the gorgeous cake you made for my wedding; I couldn't have asked
for a more perfect cake! Curtis and I had so many people come up to us and tell us how
much they enjoyed the cake. A few people even told us it's the best wedding cake they have
ever had. We completely agree with them!! So THANK YOU again for the beautiful cake.

- Jenny Keller
      September, 2012

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Planning a long distance wedding can be a very difficult task. I was lucky enough to
choose Uniquely Cakes by looking up wedding cakes on the internet. My daughter and
fiance were coming from Florida and we are in Hawaii. The website was very good with
great pictures of cakes and descriptions. We were not able to have a taste testing
as we were only arriving a few days before the wedding. I called and you assured me
that the taste of the cakes was delicious. I checked the testimonials and found them
all wonderful.

On the day of the wedding you delivered the cake right on time and it was beautiful.

My daughter and her now husband loved it so much. We had three different flavors and
they were all fabulous. There were so many compliments.

Thank you so much for all of your help and for a wonderful cake.

- Debby Pigott
    Mother of the Bride
      October, 2011

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I have had the pleasure of working with Rochelle from Uniquely Cakes at a couple of my
weddings. She was not only on time and well prepared, but her cakes never failed to
please. Every time I have eaten her cake it has been moist and fresh. My assistant
doesn't like cake, so much that she didn't have one at her wedding, but since having
tried Rochelle's cakes she says she will only eat hers. I would highly recommend
meeting with Rochelle and giving her product a taste.

- Katie Zuniga Wedding and Event Planner
    With This Ring Wedding and Event Planning
    November 1, 2011

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My daughter gave me five weeks to pull her wedding together before her fiance
left for basic training in the Navy. I had no idea what to do about a wedding
cake. But the heavens smiled and I saw a van drive by with a beautiful sign that
said, "Uniquely Cakes." I told my daughter, "Write that number down!" I'm glad
she did.

From my first phone call with Rochelle, to the tasting, to the timely
delivery of our beautiful cake, everything was wonderful. I actually sent Rochelle
a color swatch and she tinted the frosting and got it perfect. All this is well and
wonderful....BUT the most amazing thing about the whole experience was the
taste of the cake itself... I've never had better cake in my life. As a cake person,
I honestly could not believe how moist and delicious the cake was, but the
frosting was perfection as well. Not too sweet, and so creamy. It just melted in
my mouth. I had guests commenting how it was the best they had tasted. The
chocolate was divine... The french vanilla was such a distinctive and rich flavor.

I have three more daughters... Guess where we will be getting their wedding cakes?

I could not more highly recommend anyone to do your special occasion cake than
Rochelle and Uniquely Cakes. My 25th Anniversary is coming up, and I figure
that's my next best chance at getting another go at that glorious chocolate cake
she makes...Either that or I need to get myself invited to another wedding where
Rochelle's cakes are starring. :-)

Thanks again, Rochelle. Everything was wonderful.

- Nannette Martin
    Mother of the Bride
      June 5, 2010

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Our wedding cake was the most delicious cake I've ever tasted. Although it
was beautiful and went along with our wedding decor perfectly, quite frankly.
the look of it was the least important thing to me.

I must admit, I am a bit of a cake snob. In planning my wedding, the taste of
the cake was one of the most important elements. Rochelle, (Uniquely Cakes)
exceeded my expectations in taste, design and delivery. She was always on
time and very professional.

As far as the most important factor of the cake goes - TASTE!!! - she never
disappoints. I heard all night long how absolutely wonderful the cake was.
People kept asking, "Where did you get your cake?!" And if you've been to a
wedding or two, you know that isn't normally the case. Typically people take
a courtesy bite and leave the test on their plate, just to be polite. At our
wedding, people devoured the cake and came back for seconds.

I think that speaks volumes about the quality of product that she creates. I
refer everyone I know to her when they have a need for any type of cake.

Blaine and Todd

Our cake turned out exactly as I hoped - absolutely beautiful! Guests raved
about the taste too.  A couple of our female guests who had, at first, declined
to have a piece, ended up going back to get their own once they tried a bite
of their husband's! Thanks Rochelle, for helping to make our day so special.

- Marty and Sammy

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We met Rochelle at the wedding show in 2007 at her cake booth.  My wife
(Candace) and I were immediately impressed with her friendly attitude and
willingness to answer all of our questions about what kind of cake we
wanted for our special day.

Our next step was going to Rochelle's home office and sampling her cake,
we were able to try the sample we wanted at our wedding and go over
decorations with her.  She again, was right on the ball answering all our
questions we had for her.

Our special day was September 8th, 2007; Rochelle arrived early to bring
the beautiful cake and stand.  Everyone at our wedding commented at how
pretty the cake looked and how good it was, we could not have agreed with
folks more.

Since our wedding we have referred several friends to Rochelle if they are in
the need of a cake for their "special event".  And we always have her number
handy in case we need her to make another beautiful cake for us.  Her prices
are very competitive as well; we looked around, but did not find a better cake
or a better price anywhere else.

Signed by very satisfied customers!
Candace and Lance, September 8th, 2007

Uniquelycakes.com...if you're looking for a professional that will work with
you no matter the occasion, no matter the design, this is the decorator you
are looking for!!!

Uniquely Cakes made my wedding cake in 2002.  As a past cake decorator
myself you have a tendency to look for the little things.  The cake Uniquely
made for our wedding was not only beautiful, it surpassed all our

Rochelle's attention to detail for the color, design and flavor was above and
beyond. It is very obvious that Rochelle has not only the talent, but a passion
for her cakes.  It was big hit!! I would recommend Uniquely Cakes for any
cake, big or small for any occasions.

Your cakes are awesome!
Denise & Brad

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"The cake Rochelle made for our wedding was absolutely stunning. Not only
did it look fabulous it tasted wonderful.  Rochelle was so easy to work with
and very patient while we picked out a perfect cake for our wedding day.
Seven years later I've still received comments from wedding guests on how
beautiful our cake looked."

- Karen & Gregg December 29, 2001

Thank you Uniquely Cakes for creating the most beautiful cake, your care
and talent was clearly visible to all our guests.  Our guests continue to be
impressed with the moisture and flavor we will definitely recommend you
to any future bride/groom couples.

God Bless! - Jeremy and Christie March 15, 1997

To the Readers of this page:

I am the original web designer for Uniquely Cakes. And it so happens that I am a
cake-person. It's my favorite of all dessert foods. Rochelle brought out some
of her cakes during one of our meetings, so I can taste the product I will be
designing around. I concur with everyone on this page that it is the best cake.
I can not recall having a better tasting cake anywhere, home-made or bought.

My husband and I joked about renewing our vows just so we can have a cake
by Uniquely Cakes. (Because they ONLY do wedding cakes and landmark
25th and 50th wedding anniversary cakes.)

While doing this Testimonials page I realized my "take on the cake" would be
just as valuable. Uniquely Cakes is a cake-person's answer to good cake! Truly.

With Satisfied Taste Buds!
Original Web Designer for Uniquely Cakes

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